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Excellence Award In Astrology To Gaurav Arya By CM of Uttrakhand 

Excellence Award In Astrology To Gaurav Arya By CM of Uttrakhand

Gaurav Arya Astrologer & Researcher, vastu expert gaurav arya

Founder-Astha or Adhyatm Faith & Spirituality, India

Indian Paranormal Expert, Astrologer & Researcher, Third Eye.

Er. Gaurav Arya is a famous Astrologer and Researcher(Paranormal expert in India) in the occult and Vastu Sastra.

He is also Mechanical Engineer (B.Tech M.E) in the domain of machine design engineering after the looking many developments in machine design.

He is providing the best solution in Jyotish and Vastu related solution’s.

Gaurav having a lot of clients in all the religions such as Hinduism, Muslim, Shik, etc.

Astrologer also a writer and currently he is writing books “Shani Sahinta” that will be launch soon in the market. Gaurav has a modern way with astrology services that makes him unique in so many tops in the world.

In May 2019 Acharya Gaurav Arya is  Awarded By Excellence of Astrology at Dehradun.


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