Mars in 7th House

Mars in 7th House

If the mars placed in 7house either exalted or in own sign than the native’s wife does not die but is not of good character and does not look good.

The native gets the property.

If mars placed with benefic planets than he has no of brothers, Aunts, and Uncles.

If Mars strong in the 7th house then, the native’s wife is young. He gets fame in his life.

If mars placed in 7th house then the native is not able to come back home soon because of the marriage fixation or due to certain gains in business.

He does not get the blessing of wife and has to live in foreign.

He is wicked nature and stops doing his business.

If Mars is in the 7th house than attachment towards females makes him miserable.

He is unhappy in his life due to the death of wife and children.

He gets very little happiness on the part of wealth, travel, home, and spouse.

If mars are debilitated or in inimical sign in the 7th house then native’s wife is not long lived.

He does not get fame in his business and gets humiliation.

Spouse has urinal disease and is bad charactered and had fewer children.

If Mars afflicted with malefics than spouse dies.

If mars in cancer or pieces sign than native’s wife is not tempered.

Mars is conjunct with Ketu than he is sexually involved even with the female having menstruation and with Bandhya tree.

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