Moon in 7th House

Moon in 7th House

If the moon is placed in 7house than the native is blessed with a beautiful, healthy and good spouse.

The native gains from the business and also from foreign trade.

The native enjoys good food.

If the moon is placed in 7house and moon is strong in Pakshabala, then the native gains sudden wealth from the spouse side.

The native is sexually active.

He mind is sharp.

If the moon is placed in 7house than both husband-wife are beautiful and have loving relationships.

The native himself is also wealthy.

If the moon is placed in the 7th house then the native’s body is lean and is defeated by enemies.
He is sexually passionate and of jealous nature.

Pisces Ascendant-Meena Lagna

If the moon placed in 7th house is weak in Paksha bala, or in the conjunction/aspect of a malefic planet than his life is miserable and having the sick wife.

The moon is wet than the native himself is miserable and sick.

Moon placed in 7house is weak than the native is egoistic, sexually passionate poor, devoid of moral values and has some deformity in the body.

Rahu ketu become yogkaraka

If moon and venus both are conjunct in 7house than this the combination gives multi marriages or relationships.

If sun and moon are conjunct in 7th house then native’s wife gets troubles if Moon in 7th House is bad .

At the age of 15, the native faces problems. His eyes are not the same.

If the moon is weak or afflicted than his wife dies and the native is not of strong character.

Divisional Chart Significations

If the moon is aspected by a malefic then the native gets troubles through females if Moon in 7th House.

Characteristics of  Moon

include its size of only about 1/4 the diameter of the Earth, while its gravity affects the Earth’s tides. The Moon looks bright at night because of sunlight that is reflected off its surface. It has some distinct surface features that can be seen with the naked eye. Astronauts examined the surface more closely during Moon landings.

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