Planetary Combinations For Successful Career

Career is very important part of life, life is good if your career is good.

Jupiter and Sun Combination in 10th House

If Jupiter and Sun are in the 10th house it means Native will be a Good Spiritual Healer, Prophet.

Jupiter and Saturn are Combinations in 10th House

Native will be work with Charitable trust, Manager in Institute, This Combination called Acharya Yoga. Native will be a Scholler, Contractor etc.

Jupiter and Moon combination in 10th House

Native will be Journalist, Author, IAS, PCS, Civil Services etc. This Yoga Called GajKeshri Yoga.

Jupiter and Venus Combination in 10th House

This combination makes poet to native.

Sun and Mercury Combination in 10th House

This Combination called Budh Aditya Yoga, who gives you High-Rank Government Job.

Saturn and Mercury Combination in 10th House

This Combination is also good for Career, This Combination is Good for Writer, Author of Press, Printing Press, Publishing SYstems.

Mercury and Venus Combination in 10th House or any other Place

This combination makes Writer to native-like’

if Placed in 1st House native will be a Writer on Human Rights.

Combination Placed in the 2nd house it means the writer of Management, Family, Drama, Economics etc.

in 3rd House writer of Children Books.

Placement in 4th house writer of Medical Books.

Placement in 5th house writer of Education books, Love Books.

6th House placement then the writer of Medical Problems or Tantra, Astrology.

7th House there is no Selection of Writer

8th House Writer of Higher Spiritual Books. Research Book on Occult, Mantra, Yantra books.

9th HOuse Writer of Education or on Politics Books.

10th House Writer of IAS PCS Books, or Small Children Books.

11th house Writer of Money Related

12th House Writer of Foreign Travels, Life Style


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