Adhi yoga is good for wealth but not for health., Predicting Health in Vedic Astrology

Predicting Health in Vedic Astrology

Predicting Health in Vedic Astrology

1st house: Head (and general health) 7th house: Rectum, Pelvic Area

2nd house: Mouth and Neck; Teeth 8th house: Genitals (and Longevity)

3rd house: Hands, Arms, Shoulders, Upper Lungs 9th house: Hips, Thighs

4th house: Chest, Lungs, Heart 10th house: Knees

5th house: Stomach, Upper Digestive Tract 11th house: Lower Legs

6th house: Intestines (and disease in general) 12th house: Feet

Each planet governs specific body functions and parts of the anatomy:

Sun: Heart, Bones, Spine (and general vitality)

Moon: Blood, Stomach, Breasts, Body Fluids, Heart-Mind (Feelings/ Psychological)

Mars: Muscles, Circulation of Blood

Mercury: Nervous System, Skin, Speech, Intellect

Jupiter: Liver, Gall Bladder, Fat in the body

Venus: Uro-genital system, Kidneys, Hormones, Female organs

Saturn: Joints, Knees, Teeth

Rahu presides over Unusual Diseases, Poisons, Cancer, Loss of Consciousness

Ketu rules Mysterious Diseases, “Unseen” causes, i.e., Viruses and Parasites, and Karmic Diseases.

Following are some combinations for good health as given by the ancient sages.

  • Ascendant with a benefic planet in it.
  •  Ascendant vargotama or involved in a raja yoga or having more than 28 points in Sarvashtakavarga.
  •  Lagnesh conjunct or aspected by natural benefics.
  • Ascendant or lagnesh or both strong w.r.t. shadbalas, bhavabalas , ishta & kashta balas and ashtakavarga.
  •  Lagna or lagnesh hemmed between benefic planets.
  • Malefics in trik: & benefits in kendra.
  •  Saturn in 8th bestows longevity but may give ill health.
  • Saturn’s aspect on 8th bestows longevity without disease.
  •  Saturn in a sign of Jupiter is good, but Jupiter in sign of Saturn is a health hazard.
  •  Sun Moon in 8th is bad for health, but not if ooncha or in own signs.
  •  Benefits in Kendra if retrograde are not conducive for good health.
  • Agni tattwa & dual signs fortified are good for health.
  • Gulika is good in 3rd, 6th or 11th & bad in 1st or 8th health-wise.
  •  Adhi yoga is good for wealth but not for health.
  • Sun, Moon, lagnesh if well-placed rasi-wise and house-wise or well aspected indicate good health.
  • 6th bhava, its lord, and karaka Saturn are strong and un-afflicted.
  •  Sun (karaka of lagna / health) and Saturn (karaka of disease) is better in 3/11 or 5/9 positions mutually.

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