Its an honor to be under the guidance of Mr. Gaurav Arya. His suggestions and solutions are quite simple, easily adaptable and extremely effective. One is sure to see positive results popping up within a short span of time if his words are properly followed. His jovial nature makes the problem quite easy to tackle. Thank you for your benign efforts and support sirPallavi Pandit 


Astrologer gaurav arya is very good personality. He solves my problem’s too his perdiction is very accurate and fine. He have great power’s and lot of skills in many fields like engineering and astrology’s . I am very happy that he is with us. THANKS YOU VERY MUCH GAURAVARYAabhinandan arya


Arya ji very good person and master in astrology.I have very wonderful experience with him.His nature is very good and frank i can share any types of problems with him.He gives me advise as well as solution related to astrology,i am very thsnkfull to Arya ji that he is with us.PRITAM SINGH


Astro Gaurav arya is very nice person .He have a lot skills in Astrology and very helping nature .I am very happy that Gaurav Arya with us.bishv singh


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Astro Gaurav is a very honourable person .i am vry big fan of him. God gave him a special power to serve their pupil. its my experiance that he can solve every problem with a simple remedies. i am vry glad to be in his under observation.Smahi [email protected]


Last year i was very Depressed about my job,and i was facing some marriage problems ,when i meet gaurav bhai he suggest me some solution then i got amazing results.ravendra kumar



i have an awesome experience with him . having depth knowledge of astrology as well as planetary composition . and also he give suggestion for your confusions.Sushil Pandey

प्रणाम गुरु गौरव आर्य ज्योतिष के माध्यम से मेरे काफी सारे कार्य संपूर्ण हुए है और जब भी समस्या आयी है गौरव जी ने मेरा पूरा साथ दिया है और जो भी उपाए या यन्त्र बताये है उससे मुझे चमत्कारी प्रभाव मिले है| एक एक बात में सचाई है इनकी और कही हर बात में एक जीवन की सिख छुपी हुई होती है |Shivnarayan Satya