Marriage Consultation Astrology For Marriage Problems

However, The event of marriage is very unique for everyone. But now a days mostly peoples are facing issues in marriage. Like Delay in marriage, Problems after marriage, Love Marriage problems.

However, It is also due to the absence of some planets in the horoscope, if you want to ask or know anything about it, you can contact Acharyaji.

All our Analysis will do using Rashi Chart, D-9 Chart, Nakshatra.

This Analysis will contain the following information for Marriage Consultation

  • Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage
  • Time of Marriage – Period when you will get Married
  • Nature and character of your Spouse
  • The profession of your Spouse
  • Looks or Physical Appearance of Spouse
  • Inter Caste Marriage or Marriage in the same Caste
  • The direction of your Spouse
  • Overall Marriage Life and Relationship with Husband and In-Laws
  • Remedies if any require

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Will I get marry to my crush or love ? When is the auspicious time to get marriage? Can you tell the exact time when will I get marry and how my life partner will be? – All of these questions must have occupying your mind at one point in your life, as marriage is one of the most important parts of our lives.

How we Calculate

The timing of marriage can be seen in the dasa period of the planet rules your 7th house. There are other ways to find the timing of marriage as well. There are several placements for love marriage, but it is not a sure thing that, these will always work. Every marriage has hurdles to overcome.

  • 5th house indicates Romance and affair. So it is the primary house for checking Love marriage. There has to be some involvement of 5th house for Love marriage.
  • 8th house indicate physical intimacy, sexual pleasure etc. It also indicates things which are secret and hidden. It may not have a direct impact while checking Love Marriage in Horoscope but it is important for Love and Relationship.
  • 11th house is the primary house of gain, desire and our friends circle.
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