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Astrology Services, Yearly Horoscope Report

Astrology Services, Yearly Horoscope Report

However, You can Ask for business consulting and if you are facing problem to run business, You are facing confusion in your career. You can Consult with us.

yearly horoscope report

However, Health is wealth for us. If you are worried about your health in future then you can consult with us. 

yearly horoscope report

However, Marriage counseling online, Horoscope Matching, Saturn Analysis Report.Couple Analysis, Marital Problems, Family Disputes, Husband/wife Disputes

yearly horoscope report, astrology services

Therefore, Properties which are in disputes, Shapit Places, Places which have negative Vastu impacts, Property not giving you posiive results.

yearly horoscope report, astrology services

However, Yearly Horoscope Report, In this report you will find Financial and health Report, this report will be hand written.

yearly horoscope report

You can Learn the concept of astrology via online classes. 

For Astrology Services

jyotish vibhushan to astrolger gaurav arya


  • Career Advise.
  • Suitable Career As Per Your Chart.
  • Business Advise
  • Suitable Business Works as per chart
  • Education of Childs as per Chart


  • Horoscope Matching.
  • Saturn Analysis Report.
  • Couple Analysis.
  • Also, Marital Problems.
  • Family Disputes
  • Husband/wife Disputes

Relationship Consultation


  • Name By Numerology
  • Business & Numerology For Business
  • The Numerology For Students
  • Also, Name Corrections
  • Name of Newborn Baby as per Numerology

ARIES – Cardinal Fire   Ruler:  Mars   Exaltation:  Sun

However, The Sun is exalted in Aries. The Sun strong and balanced in Aries brings great energy and vitality, but if excessive or aggravated, can go into overdrive and consume vital fluids, Radical Moisture. However, Mars gives piles problem also. Also, in firy sign mars will more heating.


LEO –  Fixed Fire   Ruler:  Sun

However, Fixed Fire, prone to chronic Choleric and bilious pathologies.  Bile stagnation and congestion in liver and gall bladder leads to fatty liver, backup of fats and cholesterol into the blood and blood vessels, leading to cardiovascular disease.

SAGITTARIUS – Mutable Fire   Ruler:  Jupiter

However, Through Jupiter, Sag rules the liver, blood and arterial circulation.  Prone to Jupiterian excess, immoderation in diet and lifestyle. So, Rules locomotor aparatus – hips, loins, thighs, buttocks – as sign of long journeys.

The Earth Signs:  Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Certainly, The Earth signs are all primarily Melancholic in temperament, with Virgo and Capricorn being purely Melancholic.  


However, Gemstones are considered powerful objects in Astrology. They hold hidden reserves of energy which can alter the course of your destiny. Certainly, Gemstones can ward off negative influence of malefic planets and boost the positive effects of benefic planets, thus help you to fill your life with success and happiness. 


However, A Yantra is defined as a mystical diagram, coming from the Tantric traditions of India. A Yantra is supposed to invoke hidden and divine powers and improve the destiny of the person using it. In contrast, The Yantra will certainly bring happiness and divine grace in your life. We offer Yantras considering various factors

Remedial Solutions

However, Home Remdey Solutions like Donate Food things, Worship of Gods in temples. Feeding Grains to Birds or Feeding food products to poor peaoples. Offer Grains to needy peoples. Certainly, this remedy will help you by grace of god.


However, in Hindu tradtions, the Rudraksh symbolises the tear drop of Lord Shiva. Praying and chanting with a Rudraksh Mala is said to remove sufferings and confer happiness. Certainly, It is believed that Rudraksh Mala can purify the atmosphere around us.

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