Pitru Paksha 2021: Know date, time, significance, puja vidhi

pitru paksha 2021 Shraddha ceremonies are performed on the particular lunar day, when the predecessors passed on. Scroll down to examined encourage almost the extraordinary Hindu celebration.

Pitru Paksha 2021

Time – Date This year Pitru Paksha Purnima Shraddha will be watching on September 20th, in the interim, Sarvapitri Amavasya will drop on October 6th.

Pitru Paksha: Significance

However, The Markandeya Purana sacred writings say by paying tribute to predecessors by Shraddha customs, the entertainer will be presented with wellbeing, riches, and long life and will get salvation.

Shraddha is considering exceptionally vital within the Hindu religion and they are performing to guarantee that the soul of one’s predecessors goes to paradise. 

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Amid the Pitru Paksha, the show era reimburses the obligations that were clearly out to the predecessors. 

Respect to the perished is paying to three going before eras.

Therefore, The fourth and fifth lunar days are allotting for a person’s death to happening in the past year. The Avidhava Navami (ninth lunar day) is for the death of married women. The twelfth lunar day is for children and ascetics. The Ghata Chaturdashi (fourteenth lunar day) for persons got unnatural death by arms etc.

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Pitru Paksha: Rites of Shraddha

  • The person who performs the Shraddha after bath wears a darbha grass ring.
  • The ancestors are invoke
  • Pinda Dana is performe and water is slowly release from the hand.
  • Food is offere to the cow, the crow, the dog and the ants.

pitru paksha 2021
pitru paksha 2021

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