Surgeon in Astrology: Responsible Planet in Vedic Astrology

surgeon in vedic astrology, Mars is responsible for Surgey, Good Yog for the surgeon

Responsible House / Bhav for Medical Profession 

First House

The first house denotes physical and mental aptitude and inclination toward the profession and other things.

Fourth house

Fourth house represent  education.

Fifth House

Fifth house indicates intelligence, and higher education.

Sixth House

Six houses represent diseases but only for short term.

Eight House

However, Eighth house indicates longevity and death. This house represents long term diseases.

Tenth house  

Also, The 10th house is the house of Karma, in every individual horoscope. The astrologer predict for profession of the native on the basis of the sign of tenth house, lord of 10th house and planets placed in this house. In fact 10th house signifies all careers related questions.

Twelfth House

12th house indicates Hospital and bed.

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Planets Significator for Medical profession

Moon —    Drugs and herbs

Sun      —   Medicine

Mars —       Surgery

Jupiter –      Specialization

Mercury –   Specialization

Saturn   –    Symbolises all diseases

Rahu —       Imagination

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As per the above chart Mars is responsible for Surgey.

Sun and Mars should be together in the tenth house in Scorpio sign to become a successful surgeon.

Good Yog for the surgeon

a) Also, surgeons in Vedic astrology become if The fifth house showcase education and intelligence.

b) However, The tenth house showcase profession, status, rewards and recognition.

So planetary placement should be strong in these two houses to become a doctor. Scorpio sign should have prominent influence either in Rashi chart or divisional chart to become a doctor.

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c) Therefore, The second house, ninth house and eleventh house are supporting houses, and Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus should have strong relations with these houses and signs.

Mars is responsible for Surgey, surgeon in vedic astrology

However, can say If mars is making connection with the Rahu, Sun, and placement of moon is in 6th house or is in 12th house then Good chance of Surgeon.

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Consul for surgeon in vedic astrology

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