Yoga to Become IAS Officer

Yoga to Become IAS Officer, Astrological combinations for IAS officer and IPS officer

Responsible Planets

Sun: Sun represents government, authority, political power, personal magnetism, etc

Moon: Moon represents Strength of mind, public responsibility, popularity, Moral and religious acts, etc

Mars: Mars represents the Military operation, defense, courage, prowess, Police, Soldiers, engineers, etc

Jupiter: Jupiter represents Judges, Ministers, Lawyers, legal affairs, bankers, etc.

3rd house: Civil service exam is considering one of the most difficult competitive exams in the country and 3rd house represents courage, competitive.

6th house: 9th house is Bhagya Sthana, 9th house from a 10th house is 6th house. So well placed 6th house & 6th lord will give the combination to enjoy government benefits

8th house: 11th house indicate gains. 11th house from the 10th house is 8th house. So well placed 8th house indicates gains from Government.

10th house: 10th house rules profession, occupation, temporal honors, and success.

Astrological combinations for IAS officer and IPS officer

  • The Lagna lord should be strong and if it is placing in 1, 10, 9, 6 or 11th house with these house lord, it is a good planetary combination for a successful career. when Lagna Lord is conjunct with Sun, Saturn, Jupiter & Mars and placed in this house, it is a good Astrological combination for the Government job.


  • If your 10th lord is conjunct with planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and places in houses like 1st, 6th, 7th, 10th or 11th, you have a very high chance of getting a Government job. 10th lord and its position will indicate in which sector you can get the maximum benefit.


  • The Lagna and Lagna lord, as well as Moon, should be seen carefully. Because Lagna and Moon will give hints about the likes and dislikes and interests. There are certain Yogas in astrology Like Gaja Keshari Yoga (when Moon and Jupiter placed in mutual Kendra), Adhi Yoga (when Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter place in 6th, 7th, and 8th house from Moon) and Panch Mahapurush Yoga, etc are also considering as the astrological combinations for the government job.


  • 6th house indicates Service and Job. So 6th house should be stronger than 7th House in ashtak Varga, Shadbala, etc. If the 6th lord is associates with 10th house or 10th Lord is associating with the 6th house and the 6th lord is strong, Saturn is also influencing the 10th house and sun is also prominent, there is yoga for a Government job in Vedic astrology. If we see such a combination in charts, we can safely be processing with government job prediction in astrology.


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