Celebrate Your New Year With Vastu Tips for House 2020

Celebrate Your New Year With Vastu Tips for 2020, Vastu tips for the house by acharya Gaurav Arya

According to Acharya Gaurav Arya if you want to achieve something in your life then you can Change Vastu today of your house.

Some Vastu Tips for House 2020

  • By placing medicines in the north-north-east direction for the health, they give quick effects, because this place is calling of medicine place.
  • Even after everything is fine, you feel that money does not stop in your hands, then you need to remove the blue color from the south-east direction area of ​​your house.
  • Use light orange, pink colors in this direction. Because blue color is the color of the sign of Saturn and this direction is not theirs.
  • Therefore, Due to the periodic removal of spider webs, dust, and dirt inside the house, there is no negative energy in the house. Salt mopping is the best option to remove negativity.
  • It is considering auspicious to use the North-West location for parking. Because it is good if this place is full.

Vastu Tips for Constructions House

  • It is beneficial to arrange an overhead water tank in the south-west direction.
  • Close the door carefully when opening and closing it, so that the hoarse sound does not come out. If there is such a sound anywhere, it needs to repair.
  • However, If you have built a temple in the house, then to get auspicious results, it should be worshiping regularly and rooms built in the south-west direction should not be used for worship.
  • The temple gets corrupted at this place
  • Certainly, It is considering Vastu to keep the gas stove in the firing angle (Agnay) of the kitchen platform leaving a few inches of space on both sides.
  • The dressing table in the bedroom should always keep in the north or east direction, cover the glass at bedtime.
  • Under no circumstances should any person sleep on foot towards the south direction, due to this, it can cause restlessness, nervousness, and sleep, nightmares also.
  • Do not sleep in the bedroom with feet towards the main door. Sleeping with head in the east and feet in the west direction increases spiritual feelings.

Vastu Tips for House

  • Cactus plants or thorn bushes or thorn bouquets in the house or rooms which are decorating for decoration in pots should completely avoid.
  • It is auspicious to keep light goods in the north, north, east, west direction in the building.
  • As far as possible, equipment relates to fire in the house should be kept in the southeast direction. Which is calling the firing angle.
  • Electrical appliances installed in the house should maintain properly, no sound or sound should emit from them.
  • All electrical items which are defective and closed should remove.

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