Second Marriage Prediction In Astrology, Second Marriage in Astrology

Second Marriage Predictions In Vedic Astrology By Acharya Gaurav Arya, second marriage in astrology or possibility of a second marriage

However, we can say that marriage is a very important role in our life, but in front of Luck, the native will surrender themselves. Therefore many reasons or conjunctions will be responsible for the second marriage.

Astrological Factors for Second Marriage

Responsible Astrological factors for remarriage or a second marriage.

  • Ascendant – nature and aptitude, mind and taste, also self-identity
  • 2nd house/lord- longevity of spouse, family life
  • 7th house/lord – love and matrimony, also lawsuits, wife or husband
  • 9th house/lord- the significator of second marriage
  • Venus – the significator of wife
  • Jupiter – Significator of husband

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Now by using the above factors, we will know for responsible astrological factors for second marriage.

  • Placement of Rahu in Seventh House
  • Sixth House lord is placed in 12th house and the seventh house is also lord of 6th house.
  • More than Two planets in 11th house show second marriage but not sure.
  • Two planets placed in the 7th house increases the possibility of a second marriage.
  • If the 7th Lord is Debilitating or afflicting or retrograde it also gives an indication of Bad marriage.
  • Lord of 7th house placed in  6th/8th/12th house and malefic planets like Saturn/Mars /Rahu occupying 7th house and a weak
  • Venus conjoined with a natural benefic planet indicates the possibility of a second marriage.

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Planets Responsible for Second Marriage

  • Venus falling in Dual sign.
  • Venus with Rahu in 8th House.
  • 2nd and 7th house heavily afflicted by malefic planet/s and Mars placed in 7th house and Saturn placed in 8th house indicates the possibility of two marriages.
  • When the 7th house in Navamsa is afflicted by Malefics like Saturn, Rahu/Ketu, Mars, etc the chances of divorce is very high.
  • Mars in 12th house and Rahu in 5th house or in 7th House also responsible.
  • Cancer as Ascendant, Saturn in the8th, Mars in the 4th, Saturn in the 7th from Venus.

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