Top Mistakes of Parents: Upcoming Book of Guru Gaurav Arya

Top Mistakes of Parents books of indian astrologer researcher guru gaurav arya

What is the reason for this book, Top Mistakes of Parents

         The purpose of this book to launch is how you can do good parenting. As everybody knows, today’s time is changing at a fast speed. And now everything is going challenging for everyone, mostly the relationship-related matters. One of these is the relationship between parents and children. When someone becomes a mother or a father then he or she thinks many things in their mind, and he feels happy too much.  On the other hand, he or she feels very worried about their child also. But now the question is that this worry is really required? So I think yes. Because Children are the mirror of parents’ karma. As per the Puranas and Shastras, children are our ancestors or maybe our connection of past birth. In between of life many things day by day generating for parents and children’s making stress, like misunderstanding, generation gap, ego also.

Why we should read this book?

This book will play a vital role in self-help. The book will help every parent who is a new parent or trying to become a parent.

Book has an easy way to teach you the way to improve your mistakes.

After every mistake, have a conversation with good cartoon images.

What will be read inside the book?

Therefore, in this having many mistakes are mentioned, but we are showing some points.

  • Mistakes of Family Planning
  • Children are the mirror of your karma
  • Giving more importance to own feelings
  • Partiality between Children (favoritism)
  • Not understanding the children needs & demands.
  • Do you scare your child?
  • Are you putting your workload on children?
  • No guidance for future.
  • The Way of Communication is rude.
  • Not helping, when they actually need.
  • Not considering children opinions.
  • Showing too much care and pampering.

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About the Author of Top Mistakes of Parents

Guru Gaurav Arya is an Indian Astrologer and Researcher. However, He is practicing astrology since 2007. Now, after the completion of many cases, he is providing Astrological Services in the world. He is an Indian Astrologer & Researcher. By profession, he is an Astrologer/Paranormal Expert and Occult master. At the beginning of their career, he was a Mechanical Engineer, after the completion of Engineering Projects, he started Astrology Consulting. Now, The Guru Gaurav Arya is a leading name in Astrology.

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How we can connect with the author

Guru Gaurav Arya

Indian Astrologer & Researcher

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