What is Muntha and results in Different Houses

What is Muntha and results in Different Houses and house provides the pleasure & house provides victory

What is Muntha

However, Muntha is the progressed ascendant that travels one Rasi or Sign per year beginning from the birth-ascendant at birth. It is found by adding the number (number denoting the particular sign) of the ascendant at the time of birth to the number of the years elapsed between birth and the year for which Progressed Annual Horoscope is cast, dividing the sum by 12 and rejecting the quotient. It is connecting with the birth-chart. In a continuous cycle after 12 years it would come to occupy the same sign as the ascendant.

Muntha in Different Houses

Muntha in the First House

the first house provides victory over enemies. The native is able to attain a high position and success in business. He gets the support of high authority at the workplace and achieves financial benefits and good health.

in the Second House

Muntha in the second house provides longevity, financial security, and a peaceful life. He gets resources to attain wealth and fulfill his sexual desires.

Third House

Muntha in the third house provides victory, support from siblings and friends and peace of mind. He gets opportunities to visit pilgrimage places.

 Fourth House

Muntha in the fourth house causes poor health and diseases. The native suffers from stress in relationship, misunderstandings, and obstacles at work.

Fifth House

in the fifth house provides the pleasure of children and opportunities to perform religious works. The native gets benefits and respect from the government. Also, Benefits from the knowledge and new tasks are also obtained by the native with Muntha in the fifth house.

Sixth House

the sixth house gives fear of theft, enemies, mental stress, liabilities, fear of court and accidents.

Seventh House

Muntha is not considered auspicious in the seventh house. It gives a misunderstanding in relationships and conflicts with friends and siblings.

Eighth House

the eighth house gives the fear of accidents, disappointments, conflicts, court trials, fear of diseases and increased expenditures.

Ninth House

The native experiences success and financial stability. It gives good results in terms of job, career, business, and family life.

In the Tenth House

Muntha in the tenth house provides a high position in society. The native gets all his desires fulfilled and attain fame and respect.

Eleventh House

Therefore, in the eleventh house provides the pleasure of family life, support from friends, political success and benefit from commercial activities.

Muntha in the Twelfth House

In Contrast,  in the twelfth house gives disease, fear of accidents, exile, court trials. It provides harm to the wealth and reputation of the natives.

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